"Where the perception moves, the energy flows!"

Cindy Louise Gates

Motion Tracking © Julian Barth/Cindy Louise Gates

How are you today?

Our lifelong quest gives each of us a distinct perspective and the ability to offer others a unique collection of learned skills.

To teach and to coach is to offer knowledge, ask questions and give others the opportunity and space to discover their own individual inner strengths and individual paths along this incredible learning and teaching journey together.


„A photographer gets people to pose for him/her. A yoga instructor gets them to pose for themselves.“ - Terri Guillements


„The reason meditation is so powerful is that it causes positive shifts in our awareness.“ - Cindy Louise Gates

Mindful Breathing

Breath means life. What initially appears to be an unconscious biological process has diverse social, political and health dimensions. - Cindy Louise Gates

Motion Tracking Workshop im Lehmbruck Museum © Julian Barth/Cindy Louise Gates


Coaching for creativity is a good idea when you notice that you are limiting your own growth by the same stories you are consciously/unconsciously telling yourself.

In the Forest

„The outer nature is the door to the inner nature. It provides the space and peace that allows the mind to return to its source.“ - Atma Vichara

Motion Tracking in the woods © Julian Barth/Cindy Louise Gates


What interests me, what shapes and inspires me, what I learn from, what amazes me … Contributions from my Compendium. Eine Einladung.

Everyone on earth sees the same phases of the moon. People north and south of the equator see the moon’s current phase from different angles and time zones.
In der Tat kann die Beobachtung des Mondes eine faszinierende und zum Nachdenken anregende Erfahrung...
Body dialogues with artworks from the Lehmbruck Museum together with visitors with active interest. A documentation of the workshop "Motion Tracking" in the Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg, Germany.